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Double layer middle glass shutter partition six step project

Step 1: How to let customers find you and get contact information. Generally, there are two situations.

Step 1: How to let customers find you and get contact information. Generally, there are two situations. One is the former relationship account, which I don't need to talk about. Everyone should know that the other is online promotion, which uses portal websites to promote their companies and let customers who need to contact you. Of course, there are many ways to obtain information online, not only this one, but also the most effective way. A good company will invest a lot of money in advertising every year, Even some well-known enterprises will adopt the promotion mode to build their own brands and win the reputation of the company. At this step, they obtained customer information and had a preliminary conversation.
Step 2: If both parties feel that there is no problem, they should agree on a time to meet and talk about the specific content. Both parties should reach an agreement on the price and design scheme, and then they should go to the construction site for measurement, followed by a specific quotation. If there is no problem, both parties will sign a contract, and Party B (the construction party) will get a part of the deposit, which will be available in the specific contract, even if it is signed successfully, and then wait for construction.
Step 3: After the construction party comes back, optimize the construction renderings and design all the places, and then send the materials to the factory to prepare the materials. Generally, the materials can be delivered in a day. The factory will have direct frame materials. You can just cut the materials directly after you calculate the materials. This completes the formulation of the frame materials. The stainless steel grooves need to be designed according to the glass, and can't be large or small.
Step 4: The production of glass, according to the contract, requires the thickness of glass, which generally needs to be tempered. The tempering process takes three to four days. According to the number of square meters of the construction site, submit the order to the glass shop, and let the glass shop prepare the glass for you. You just need to wait for the glass at home.
Step 5: Now it is time to install the frame. If the square meter is less, it can be finished in half a day. Then the glass is transported to the construction site for installation, all materials are assembled at the construction site, and some details, such as the problem of gaps and the problem of material docking, are handled.
Step 6: carry out acceptance, pay the project funds after acceptance, and continue until the acceptance is qualified.
Many customers are very suitable for double-layer glass shutter partition in the middle regardless of their decoration needs or personal preferences. This kind of customer is generally out of cost considerations. Although the double glass shutter is very good, its price is higher than other styles of glass partition. Customers with low decoration budget will choose other single glass shutter. One possibility is due to the consideration of future office relocation. At that time, the customer thought that the office location was only temporary and would definitely move to a larger and better place in the future, so they were not so particular about it. In short, with the development of glass partitions today, there are various kinds of glass partitions with different characteristics. You can choose them flexibly according to your needs.